Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Just What Are the Essentials? ...

Excerpt from embedded link:

"Protestants reply that they agree on the essential issues and disagree on the peripheral issues. But calling baptism, Holy Eucharist, ecclesiology, liturgy, matrimony, sin, salvation, and eschatology “peripheral issues” does not change anything. They are major doctrines, tenaciously held by their respective denominations."

This is a very informative work, Questions to ask Protestants, and is written to/for Catholics to know how to evangelize brothers and sisters in other denominations. Don't be to quick to 'disregard' this. Please, if you're a Protestant or an Evangelical, 'put down the 'anti-Catholic' "sword" and read, consider, ponder, think, and ask yourself these same questions. Do your own homework, and realize that Catholics ARE Christians, and we are only desiring that you, too, come back or into the Fullness of Communion with TRUTH, where TRUTH resides, wholly present, Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity in the Church Jesus built, founded, established. He did not build "many" but only One. The Catholic Church. Let us ALL be united, and make Jesus happy by fulfilling His prayer to His Father in JOHN 17. ONE Bread ONE Body.


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Yep, this is excellent!!

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