Friday, April 02, 2010

"It is finished!" ...

Oh my! At His Feet I have to fall! We have to be at His Feet before we can be raised in glory. We have to be crucified before we rise in splendor. But oh, how many of us fail to take up our crosses! How many really truly need to see this and fall at Those Holy Blessed Feet, battered, bloodied by our sins! They were once little "toddler toes" Mary kissed each night. They are Feet shod with the Gospel of Peace, they are the Feet of PEACE HIMSELF, and are bloodied for me, for us all! Dear Lord, please forgive me for every offense and sin against Your Sacred Heart. That spike that pierced Feet so Tender is from my most egregious, horrible sins, to my little "secret ones" I hide and am still attached to, otherwise known as "venial" that still burden and slow my daily walk with You. But yet how mercifully You still use those very sins, mistakes, frailties in Your plan for my life, the tapestry of my journey, to keep me humble and seeking Your Feet, to kiss Your Feet as did Mary when she broke open the jar of perfume, pouring it all with love and reckless abandon, every drop falling on Your Feet. This was a sign of her own broken-ness. She poured herself, her all, in that endearing and prodigal act...all her wickedness, wretchedness, and goodness covered Your Feet, to be later bruised, broken and cold, offering Forgiveness, and Mercy from the Heart of Our Father. We are not and cannot be "Resurrection people" until we are FIRST and TRULY- GOOD FRIDAY people!

Lord have mercy. Christ have mercy. Lord have mercy.

susie --
a sinner in need of crying at
and kissing Your Feet
with all Hope of one day being
lifted by Your Hands and pressed
against Your Loving Heart
held forever safely... in Your Arms

h/t TJ for picture

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