Sunday, April 25, 2010

Communion Kneeling and on the Tongue is Preferred Form - Cardinal Arinze...

It's so sad to see Catholic Churches withOUT kneelers!!! I've seen a few of them, and also, I was made aware 2 years ago, of a family who all knelt to receive Holy Communion. Well, they were mocked by some parishoners and, sadly, the priest had even said some uncharitable things about how they received, which shocked me so that I was dumbfounded. My sin, looking back, was that I didn't speak up, since I was a visitor and not part of the parish and friends with the priest, but I SHOULD have defended a 'traditional orthodox' family's preference! Lord forgive me for being too timid to say anything when it was 'fear of man' and an argument that kept me from it. I hope to one day write this priest and explain how it's still bothered me that that family was made fun of for being "true" to themselves before God! It recently came back to my mind talking with my husband this morning. I need to confess this and write him and pray for him and that family and the parish. That was "unChrist-like" of all of us. Them for making fun of a good, faithful family and me for NOT speaking a word! Pray for me and for Fr. G. Thank you.

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