Thursday, April 17, 2008

I'll be visiting Sr. Mary in a couple of weeks...

You can read about Sister Mary here, a Carmelite nun, who lives as a hermit near La Crosse, WI. I will have a 2 day retreat at her hermitage in a couple of weeks. I'm very excited to meet her and learn about hermits in our time. There are 5 hermits in the diocese of La Crosse. I'll also be going to the Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe! I'm very enthused about that, too! She's been chasing me down, so to speak, and I hope to pray for many intentions at her Shrine. Please keep me in your prayers, too. God bless all my blogger friends. I'll have some pictures to post when I return, no doubt! :)
I leave for Minnesota tomorrow and for Wisconsin on Sat. This is a two week "mission" /retreat/vacation for me. I'll be seeing my brother in Minnesota and some friends in Wisconsin, then end my trip at Sr. Mary's hermitage! I appreciate your prayers for a safe journey and for my time with family/friends. I just want to be and share the light of Christ!


Bekah said...

I pray you have a grace-filled trip! Wave in the general direction of Green Bay, k? LOL

We have a nifty little shrine out here, too:
Built on an apparition site.

Marie said...

Enjoy your break:) and do remember to say a prayer for all the faithfull Catholic bloggers:).

Peace, blessings and JOY to you:)

Marie xoxoxoo

Maryellen said...

Have a great retreat and come home fresh and renewed.

I had no idea there were hermit nuns in this day and age. I'm glad to know it's a possibility for those who are called. I'll take a look at the site.

Prayers go with you for safe travel and a memorable time.

Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting...

Tiber Jumper said...

Prayers are being said for your retreat. God bless

Joyful Catholics said...

Well, what a fun surprise! Delighted to read all of your comments and kind words. Thank you for your prayers, too!

I'm just checking in and enjoying my time up in Wisconsin. I will wave in the Green Bay direction too
: )
Unfortuately I forgot my camera, which sits on the kitchen table in Medford. However, my friend's camera is filling in here in Hayward. I can't believe I left my camera back in Medford! I'm getting feeble of brain cells I guess!

Beaucoup blessings blogger buddies!