Saturday, October 20, 2007

Remember when teen bands sang songs that were good and had a moral message?

Then it all changed. It went from "I Want to Hold Your Hand" in the 60's to "I Want Your Sex." in the 80's. In a mere 20 years, the shift to blatant sexuality was incredible! Not that fornication wasn't going on earlier, of course it was, it was and always has been. They [the bands]most likely didn't live the moral message perfectly either, it was "rock and roll" era after all. But how much worse it's continued to become. It's all over the place, with nothing hidden. Explicit lyrics, horrible lyrics and sexually graphic videos are all over and drawing as many souls to Hell as possible. The enemy is playing 'hardball' and we better be on our knees before the Blessed Sacrament doing battle and fighting for Truth in the unseen realm. We have the whole army of Saints in heaven and the Archangels to help us. Let's not forget our God and our purpose, to be 'fellow laborers with Christ' to spend and consume ourselves for souls!

I love this old song by Gerry & the Pacemakers. It's beautiful, and it offers hope. Nothing out there does today that I've happened to briefly catch while passing a t.v. or going through the dial. When I saw these guys in Omaha back in 1987 along with a few other British Invasion bands, (The Searchers, The Mind Benders, Chad & Jeremy,The Troggs,) for a fantastic evening of great tunes, NOTHING was sexually explicit and the place was packed with not only us "old folks" but some of our "kids"....who actually enjoyed the show, too! I think our youth are craving truth and safety, security, boundaries and purity, though they may not articulate it. They're bombarded with lies and temptations the like of which I never came across even in the 70's! I know they're hungry for their dignity to be respected, but they're told to "pitch the rules and stodgy morality" constantly.

The Catholic Church has always taught that we all have real dignity being made in the image of God. If only we could get the word out to more and more and offer them hope, even if they've strayed into the worst of situations and given themselves away, it's never too late to call out to God for forgiveness and mercy. God is using the media and the Holy Spirit is gaining ground, fertile ground melting many stony hearts. More and more young people are finding their faith again. God bless all of you bloggers for helping to help so many young and older ones like me to return to the "first things" the things that remain when all else fades and fails.

WE need to reclaim our culture! If you missed it, listen to Laura Ingraham interviewed by Ramond Arroyo on the encore presentation of The World Over - download at I watched it last night on t.v. and it was tremendous! She's brilliant, feisty, and inspirational as can be. How I Thank GOD for the NEW MEDIA that has taken the reins out of the liberal media's smarmy hands as they now are clamoring to regain control of the culture by the stupid and flat-out WRONG Fairness Doctrine. Like I said, there's some screwed up "doctrines" floating around out there and the FD is outrageous. To those types,it's all about "power to the State" not "Power to the People" as they used to proclaim. It never was about the good of all people, it was about power mongers who hate God and religion gaining control over the culture and it's evil dressed up in social programs that supposedly benefit the poor and downtrodden, but yet never helping anyone.

God bless our Catholic sister, Laura, (a convert to the CC just 4 years ago) for being one of the conduits of truth in this "pornified" society and getting us all off our duffs to be active in our faith by making our faith active in our entire lives. For if our faith doesn't rule our entire life, and isn't "lived out" in all aspects but is safely tucked away for an hour a week on Sunday (or sadly less)...then we're in big trouble. As EWTN says so poignantly,

"IT'S OUR FAITH. LOVE IT. LIVE IT." and enjoy this old song. Who is our HOPE? CHRIST. With him in our hearts, (through the Eucharist) we will never walk alone.


WhiteStoneNameSeeker said...

I was listening to Teresa Tommeo interviewing someone the other day. The young lady in question runs a ministry offering teachings in the theology of the body. Interestingly she said the young people she lectures 'get it' and really want to hear the message-it's the parents (my generation I guess) who are deaf to it.
Perhaps we should aim more and more at the teens and let them catechise us.
Why are parents so oblivious to the stuff their children are being subjected to?

Joyful Catholics said...