Saturday, November 11, 2006

See Tiber Jumper's blog...Emmaus Road experience

The latest post on Tiber Jumper's blog (see link list) touched me at the heart level. I'm so happy for him now and his return to the CC in Emmaus, Pennsylvania! I am so thankful for those faithful Catholics that never left, that stayed through the rough times and prayed their rosaries alone in the back of the sanctuary, all those years ago. Their arthritic hands holding those beads as their humble prayers ascended to heaven for their husbands, (or wives) their wandering children, or grandchildren, and for the poor souls like us, who in our rebellion, or ignorance, or whatever mindset, left the One True Church of Christ. It's the "build it, and they will come" scenario, and attitude that is shining through now, and I think more and more will begin to yearn for and SEE Jesus in the Eucharist as Adoration from just a few faithful brings more hungry faithful to Adore Him. I'm encouraged to see many Adoration sign-up sheets of hours filled in many small Nebraska towns. We who are returnees or converts can't help but go to Mass and Taste and See the Goodnes of the Lord now, in the breaking of the bread. WE KNOW that bread is NOT A SYMBOL of Christ! That enthusiasm in infectious, too. With the help of EWTN and Catholic Radio stations springing up across the country, more are hearing Truth.

We are now, the "faithful older ones" and yes, my hands are becoming a bit stiff and sore, too. We are now praying our rosaries before the blessed Sacrament for nominal souls, who can't see Him in the breaking of the bread as yet. But take heart, if they're hungry for Truth, they will seek and find. They will see HIM where He's been for 2000 years...right down the street at Mass. The only place where Bread is broken and offered daily as our true food - Life within us - Life Himself.

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