Saturday, November 11, 2006

For our Vets...

I had the honor or meeting a hero, Chris Sempek. He's the cousin of one of the volunteers at KVSS. He just returned from Iraq and we had a delightful visit a couple of weeks ago. His sister made the stained glass crosses in the doors to the Chapel of the Word Incarnate at the Studio. He told me that most of the Iraqis are glad the U.S. is there, and especially the Kurds. Unfortunately, the good news of all that they're doing in rebuilding of schools, hospitals, etc. is never given any air time. All the good that is being done is ignored and it gets frustrating. He's glad to be back home, but would go back in a heartbeat to be with his buddies. He had some funny stories as well as tragic ones. War is indeed hell, but we're there now, and it's not debatable anymore..."We're there and it HAS TO BE WON."

We thank you, Chris, for your service for our country and putting your life on the line. Even laying it down, if need be, for us back home. Freedom isn't free and never will be. We're proud of you and all Veterans, those alive and those who've gone to their final rest. God bless and keep you always. ~ Rich & Susie

they're everywhere around us
doing most heroic things
like staying in a loveless marriage
when they could simply "spread their wings"
maybe caring for a sick parent
or a child too ill to speak
not seeking any credit
just doing "the next thing"
they're fighting for our freedom
and they gladly volunteer
to lay their lives down for us so
we can live free without fear
not requesting recognition
or anyone's applause
they're too busy being heroes
and helping "just because"
the sports stars making millions
while playing games these days
and self-absorbed celebrities
most often steal their praise
but unsung heroes just don't care
they're too busy . . . being brave

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