Saturday, October 21, 2006

About Phil...

Rich and I were dating in June, 1975. Phil Keaggy's WHAT A DAY album was the first Christian album I ever bought! We were together and he's always been a part of our relationship, our engagement, and our married life. We saw him when we got engaged. We traveled to Omaha in Sept, to see him and Barry McGuire at Burke High School. Then over the next 20+ years, we had the wonderful opportunity to see him again, many times. Mostly in California at our independent ROCK FELLOWSHIP. He even stayed the night at our pastor's house. This man is awesome, and I hope he's not left his Catholicism behind him. I don't read anything about his being baptized Catholic on his website. I know his parents were Catholic, and he's from a very large family. Phil, if you ever come across this blog, please, drop a line. Remember Rob Thompson in Fresno with Rock Fellowship? You were and still are the most amazing guitar man. If you ever get the chance, team up with Eric Clapton and jam for a while. THAT I would LOVE TO SEE! We knew Phil when he had hair and it was very dark. What a Day! What a life. What a MIGHTY, LOVING, GENEROUS, MERCIFUL GOD WE HAVE! I hope to serve Him well the rest of my days, and music sure does inspire this heart when it grows weary with the everyday trials of life. THANK GOD FOR MUSIC and THANK GOD for PHIL and his guitar!

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Tiber Jumper said...

Boy, I remember Phil when he had hair too! I saw him so many times I have lost count. As an evangelical and a guitarist, I loved to hear and see him. My guitar playing has definitely been influenced by his.
After returning to the Church, we heard rumors that he did also. One of his albums had a quote from St Francis on it.
Just recently my wife e mailed his site to ask him frankly if he returned to the Catholic Church and his answer(via a personal secretary) was a definite no, and that he respected the Church but had some major issues with it that would preclude his ever re-joining.
His Mom and Dad were devout Catholics and he credits them with the faith that he has now.
He's a godly man who never went glitzy with the christian music industry and I respect the fact that even secular guitar critics revere him as well.
Let's pray that Phil will come home as we did. The Master and Musician is still one of my favorite albums!