Sunday, August 13, 2006

A friend sent this link to me a couple of days ago.
After reading the horrific news, I perused some websites and came across this picture of Blessed Mother Teresa. How completely polar opposite this saintly woman compared to me, and other women of the world who complain or have ever complained about our appearance as we age. Just in case the article link above disappears, you can maybe find it in the archives:
by Steven Ertelt Editor
August 8, 2006

One woman who never would have pondered such self-serving attitudes. One who never would think of altering her face to look younger or prettier with the tissue from aborted babies. One, who in my opinion, has done more for babies and this world, changing it for the better one soul at a time, than any recent person I know. One who suffered the Long Dark Night of the Soul for over 40 years, coping with the loss of "feeling Christ near" and yet chose to be near and serve the "lepers" of society and offer them Christ. Feelings did not rule this woman, faith did.
Dear Mother Teresa, pray for us and our selfish, self-seeking, self-absorbed, self-loathing materialistic society and especially us women who get down about aging and not looking young or as pretty anymore. God forgive me when I've battled those complaining thoughts that creep in from time to time. I have so long to go on my journey to become one iota as selfless as you, Mother. May our hearts become centered on Christ and his death on the cross, the cost of our having opportunity to gain redemption and the opportunity to see heaven and enjoy the beatific vision of our Lord forever if we abide in His grace. amen.
JMJ We love you! Pray for us! Save souls!

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Tiber Jumper said...

Thank God that he has raised up Saints like Mother Teresa to stand for truth in this world. I am so thankful to be in a world where Jesus still walks, through His people like St. Teresa.