Monday, July 23, 2012

'My Morning Prayer'

Early morning
Sun on the rise
Mercies so tender
And ever new
Your grace still
Amazes me
Your love overwhelms
This poor sin-stained
Heart of mine
Fill me with Your love
Transform me by Your
Body and Blood
Make me an instrument
Of Your peace...
And when I fall short
Failing to love like You
May I find Your Hand
And Your Sacred Heart
My refuge and my shelter
And forgiveness 
Through penance and
Rise again like the
Morning sun ... just a little
Closer to You
Than I was the day before


© Susie Melkus

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Joyful Catholic said...

I don't understand why Blogger is embedding links in my posts just because I have the word 'shelter' or 'prison' or 'Catholic Church' etc.? If anyone knows why this is occurring and knows how to change this and not allow it, please let me know. I haven't been blogging much as you can tell, but I find this to be very 'inconsiderate' of Blogger. Thanks.