Friday, January 20, 2012

The SOURCE ...

"If there were no God, there would be no atheists." GKC

The same goes for Protestants.

If there were no Catholic Church, there would be no Protestants - and the myriad denominations/sects/fellowships popping up and just popping (like bubbles in the air.) Most don't even remember or really know what all the protesting was about anyway, so why not find out the *truth* (which we're supposed to love) and come back to the 'Source?'

Isn't it best to learn all you can about something or someone from the closest source(s) possible before making a decision to leave or stay, abide or protest? Why 'trust' anyone other than the most reliable to inform you? You probably put more trust in an issue of *Consumer Reports* regarding whether to purchase a certain make or model of car, computer, tv, etc. and the word of trusted family or friends about the quality of food at any particular restaurant than you do about 'choosing a church' - which is odd, isn't it?

We take the word of a disgruntled priest or nun who's left the Church, (because we too have an 'anti-Catholic' agenda) or an ex-Catholic lay person, or perhaps another well-meaning, but yet ignorant Protestant over that of commited, faithful, loyal practicing Catholics, who have the knowledge and have studied to 'show themselves approved.' Again, that's odd.

I was surely one ODD DUCK for many years, because that's what I did. I took the word of a few ignorant but well-meaning souls who were also pretty much less than 'fair' about their suppositions and assumptions regarding the RCC. Guess what. I was vewy, vewy wong to do dat. It made the trip "Home" that much more crazy, but God of course still 'worked it all out' because He is so good writing at 'straight with crooked pencils' (or is it lines?) :)

One Church still ministers ALL the grace via ALL the sacraments Jesus instituted. What's keeping you from putting aside your least to honestly pursue the Truth? Is it fear? Perfect Love casts out fear. Jesus is Perfect Love. Is it pride? There's only one way to kill that "many-headed beast" - by humility - by a docile, teachable heart/spirit. Remember; God rejects the proud, but He exalts the humble.

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gutenberg'sbible said...

One Church still ministers ALL the grace via ALL the sacraments Jesus instituted.

Amen, and I acutely noted the influx of that grace almost immediately in my life after receiving said sacraments. How I could have lived most of my life without?