Monday, February 28, 2011

There's Something Fishy Goin On ...

Christianity and the gospel cannot be reduced to a 'sound bite' or a 'bumper sticker' theology. Jesus is infinite. Truth is eternal. His religion is vast and deep. Jesus says to us, "go out to the deep and cast your nets." You can wade in the shallows if you want, but the *fish* Jesus wants us to catch aren't there. The fish that "feed" you and the ones you're to catch for the Kingdom are in the deep, so I'm rowing out there! Wanna come along?

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Joyful Catholic said...

Going to the "deep," or seeking 'deeper things' has nothing to do with anyone's "smarts" btw. The 'fishermen' and others Jesus called as His first 12 apostles weren't 'smart' or clever ones. They DID have hearts that yearned and burned for love of the TRUTH, though! Not unlike mine. I'm not comparing myself to Peter, or Paul, mind you, but I'm NOT smart in a 'scholastic' sense. I'm not college educated, i was an 'average' student and didn't really excell in school.

But I do LOVE TRUTH! It is what 'sets us free' ... not mere human 'intellectualism.' Even Jesus had to be 'long-winded' at times, and even He used "long explanations" for his sometimes very 'dense' disciples as we know. He got exasperated with them, too, (a feeling I can relate to as well when witnessing to some on line.)

If Christianity of the gospel is just a simple 'one-time' prayer, prayed however many years ago, and after sincerely praying it, 'one is then **saved** for all eternity,' with nothing to fear... and can never lose his or her salvation, you JUST MIGHT want to 'rethink' your simplisitic 'brand' of Christianity. Why? Because that's not biblical Christianity! Jesus suffered, was crucified and died a wretched, horrific death and His grace can't be so cheapened and presumed upon!! We are WARNED throughout the entire bible that, while His LOVE is unconditional, HIS PROMISE of eternal LIFE is NOT! We have our role, our part to do! It is NOT a PASSIVE belief! Even devils believe!!! He'd have surely 'passed' on embracing that bitter chalice, handed to Him from His Father in the Garden of Gehtsemane were it so 'simple!' Jesus could just as easily, as simply 'plunked' down to earth, and handed out some leaflets and called it a day!!' I don't mean to be 'totally' sarcastic here, but SHEESH! can be darn exasperatin.' I know from my OWN life. I had not ears to hear, nor eyes to see. But He never gave up on me! I won't give up telling the Good News either...but that doesn't mean I won't blow it and lose my patience from time to time. I'm only human after all...a "Saint-in-the-making." I STILL SIN! You?