Monday, March 04, 2013

My Thoughts on a "Trendy *ALLEGED* Apparition"...

Hi everyone. I don't blog much anymore, as you can obviously see, and so I'm sorry for not getting to comments very quickly.  I have been much more active on Facebook, than on blogger, so if you'd like to read what I've been up to on fb, then look me up there.  Susan J. Melkus. 

Now for my thoughts on Medjugorje.  For those who've gone and have been blessed and graced, good. But there are also those who have gone, and it's not been good. They don't talk about it, much, due to the quite robust and sadly, very UNMarian rebukes they receive from many who have gone and now are 'caught up in it' way too heavily!  It's become a 'fad' and a 'trend' for many, not all, but what is so sad is that it is now only dividing the Body of Christ even further, causing division among otherwise good and faithful Catholics. I am not judging ANYONE'S soul, but for me?  I do NOT believe the apparitions and messages are definitively Mary.  And I have discerned that by much reading, prayer, research.  If you don't agree, then don't agree. We can agree to disagree.  Back in 2007 I believed in it, since 2005 actually ... but in 2009 I started seeing little 'red flags' and began doing my research and have come to believe it is not Mary and that's my opinion.  NO apparition, approved or unapproved, is NECESSARY for my growth in the Faith and it is not necessary as a Catholic to 'follow' any of them!  Got it?  I hope so!

Kindly, however, refrain from calling me 'worse than Stalin' for my skepticism.  That isn't becoming of a daughter of Mary to lash out at others, calling them worse than a murderous thug and communist dictator ... I mean, STOP IT!  You won't win me or anyone over to your "lady of Medj" that way! You simply CANNOT go beyond and above the Church and definitively say that IT IS MARY doing the talking!  I can't say it is not her, definitively either, but I CAN say, "I do NOT believe it is her." Big difference.  Learn the difference before calling another sister in Christ 'worse than Stalin' because MARY, my BLESSED MOTHER, would never do such a thing, and SHE never yammers on and on!  She is a Woman Wrapped in Silence (Great book by John Lynch) which seems very opposite of what "your" Lady of Medjgorje is.  Word will come down from the Magisterium one day, as a decision IS forthcoming, probably even this year, when we have a new Papa/Pope.  So until then, I am a firm *non* believer' in Medj. If you are a firm believer in the ALLEGED apparitions and the messages, ok.  But then please, BE MARIAN and BE QUIET about it, and grow in humility and grace as you 'keep it to yourself' because SHE NEVER PUSHES herself on anyone, and SHE NEVER would become so outraged as to call a daughter of hers 'worse than Stalin' for not believing in her ALLEGED apparition/messages.  Good day, and  God bless.

Monday, July 23, 2012

'My Morning Prayer'

Early morning
Sun on the rise
Mercies so tender
And ever new
Your grace still
Amazes me
Your love overwhelms
This poor sin-stained
Heart of mine
Fill me with Your love
Transform me by Your
Body and Blood
Make me an instrument
Of Your peace...
And when I fall short
Failing to love like You
May I find Your Hand
And Your Sacred Heart
My refuge and my shelter
And forgiveness 
Through penance and
Rise again like the
Morning sun ... just a little
Closer to You
Than I was the day before


© Susie Melkus

Friday, March 02, 2012

In 5 Hours I Will See Jesus!

Jacques Fesh - at 27 years old, he was condemned to be guillotined in 1957. While in prison he had a most miraculous and profound conversion to the Catholic faith, and his "controversial" cause for Sainthood has begun. This is one "must read" if there ever was one!

Friday, January 20, 2012

The SOURCE ...

"If there were no God, there would be no atheists." GKC

The same goes for Protestants.

If there were no Catholic Church, there would be no Protestants - and the myriad denominations/sects/fellowships popping up and just popping (like bubbles in the air.) Most don't even remember or really know what all the protesting was about anyway, so why not find out the *truth* (which we're supposed to love) and come back to the 'Source?'

Isn't it best to learn all you can about something or someone from the closest source(s) possible before making a decision to leave or stay, abide or protest? Why 'trust' anyone other than the most reliable to inform you? You probably put more trust in an issue of *Consumer Reports* regarding whether to purchase a certain make or model of car, computer, tv, etc. and the word of trusted family or friends about the quality of food at any particular restaurant than you do about 'choosing a church' - which is odd, isn't it?

We take the word of a disgruntled priest or nun who's left the Church, (because we too have an 'anti-Catholic' agenda) or an ex-Catholic lay person, or perhaps another well-meaning, but yet ignorant Protestant over that of commited, faithful, loyal practicing Catholics, who have the knowledge and have studied to 'show themselves approved.' Again, that's odd.

I was surely one ODD DUCK for many years, because that's what I did. I took the word of a few ignorant but well-meaning souls who were also pretty much less than 'fair' about their suppositions and assumptions regarding the RCC. Guess what. I was vewy, vewy wong to do dat. It made the trip "Home" that much more crazy, but God of course still 'worked it all out' because He is so good writing at 'straight with crooked pencils' (or is it lines?) :)

One Church still ministers ALL the grace via ALL the sacraments Jesus instituted. What's keeping you from putting aside your least to honestly pursue the Truth? Is it fear? Perfect Love casts out fear. Jesus is Perfect Love. Is it pride? There's only one way to kill that "many-headed beast" - by humility - by a docile, teachable heart/spirit. Remember; God rejects the proud, but He exalts the humble.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Lady & the Lab ...

What a difference Our Lady makes in a 'dog' and in us! Since the eye is the 'window to the soul' may we always gaze on Our Lady's loveliness. May our eyes always reflect her face, her love and her presence to others. Hers is the face of our life, our sweetness and our hope. Amen.


let Mary's reflection fill your eyes, and though they might still look angry for a while, only your MOTHER can heal the "wounded dog" and calm his soul. Yes, Fr. Corapi, now to be known only as, "John," remember Mary, behold her, and find peace, contentment and joy IN your trials, (legal) and spiritual. May God help you. May Mary, Mother of all priests, console you as only She can. Amen.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Regarding the man *formerly known as* Father Corapi

If you will not do violence to yourself and will not be indifferent as far as your own interests are concerned, as to who is your Superior, do not flatter yourself that you will ever become a spiritual man and a faithful observer of your vows.

----St. John of the Cross

St. Francis Borgia showed the greatest veneration for all Superiors, not only while in office, but after they had retired from it. And when St. Ignatius appointed a lay-brother to take charge of his health, he yielded the same obedience to him that he would have to the Saint himself.

'One who is repentant cannot be haughty, just as one who sins deliberately cannot be humble-minded.'

St. Mark the Ascetic

'One ought to obey a superior, not on account of his wisdom, goodness, or other qualities which God has given him, but only because he is God's representative and acts by His authority, who has said: " He that heareth you heareth Me; he that despiseth you despiseth Me."'

St. Ignatius of Loyola

'Any tempest which assails us and which we did not bring on ourselves through any fault of ours, foretells a consolation soon to follow it.'

St. Ignatius of Loyola

'Unlimited self-denial. Love for and fidelity to Jesus, my Spouse, until death.'

St. Bernadette Soubirous

Had there been some trace of humility as in St. Bernadette's words above, just something close to it in your Friday night nuclear bomb you dropped via your "global announcement" to us all, then all this nasty 'fall-out' would be much less disheartening. Get SOME HELP A.S.A.P. -- but stop the blame game. It's not becoming and it's not a good example and no priest who became a Saint EVER did it, or they'd not be Saints.

I'm praying for you and all priests, seminarians and religious to DO THE RIGHT THING, stay courageous and 'suck it up' when the assaults come, don't 'jump ship' and go off on some rogue new venture ... remember you are 'alter Christus' and I'll follow NO SHEPHERD that rants against the Church or his superiors. That dog's bite my be as bad as his bark!

God bless you and PLEASE, "RUN TO YOUR MOTHER, the Blessed Virgin Mary, and don't ignore her pleas!!!